The Sousa Family

I have had the privilege of being the guardian of some incredible animals that I was fortunate to have in my life for many years.  All were adopted waifs and strays.  I had two wonderful cats, Jessie and Pixie, who lived to 22 and 21 respectively and 2 dear dogs (both mutts), Winston and Mutley.  Winston lived to the grand old age of 18 and although I did not know how old Mutley was, he was thought to be ancient.  As with any aging pet, it gets harder and harder to keep them healthy and ensure that they have a good quality of life as they age.  

Dr. Lucy was with me on every decision that I made, especially the toughest ones, when painful decisions that had to be made for their quality of life. These are the decisions that any pet owner ultimately has to face. I was incredibly lucky to have very healthy animals and maintained their health with Dr. Lucy's counsel,  but also incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful and caring vet who nursed my lovely critters through their old age.  Dr. Lucy was there at the end with all of them. She cared and she cried with me.  

When I was left with no animals after years and years of their companionship, she came round with a birthday present, in a cat carrier, a little feral kitten that we called "Mouse".  I was still mourning all my old friends and really did not want her, but of course Dr. Lucy was right and Mouse is now a much loved friend.  Then I got a call from Dr. Lucy asking if I knew of anyone that wanted a one-eyed kitten.... really?  So now I have Harry (named after King Harold who lost his eye in the Battle of Hastings in 1066!)  So I have a new family and of course I have Dr. Lucy to help me care for them.  

Congratulations to Dr. Lucy Richardson for stepping out on her own.  She is a wonderful person, compassionate, caring, capable and truly decent. Rare qualities to find these days.

Annie D. Sousa

“Dr. Lucy was there at the end with all of them. She cared and she cried with me.”